When The Mob Rules

To preface, I have been planning to write this blog for some time now, and with the recent insurrection at the United States Capitol, it feels even more relevant than ever. The story of this blog is the death of one Publius Clodius Pulcher, a demagogue of the highest order during the waning days of … Continue reading When The Mob Rules

The Cadaver Synod

Many of the controversies and corruption have been well canvassed by the history books and schools alike. However, one sinister and morbid event that flew under my radar was the Cadaver Synod in the late 9th Century. Perhaps it is a lesser known event because it occurred before the papacy was the major political player … Continue reading The Cadaver Synod

Too Big For One Man?

The Roman Empire was a mess in the 3rd Century C.E. There was nonstop mismanagement from the different levels of the government up to the emperors themselves. This led to economic instability, and internal and external wars, as well as a constant turnover of emperors. Between the fall of the Severan Dynasty and the rise … Continue reading Too Big For One Man?

What Made A Roman Emperor Successful?

Building off my last post about Nero's popularity with the common people, I was pondering what did it take to make a Roman emperor successful. The aforementioned Nero experienced popularity from the general populace of Rome, but from the end of his reign until modern times is considered one of the most disastrous emperors Rome … Continue reading What Made A Roman Emperor Successful?

Tiberius – The Military Man Who Set a Non-Military Model

Emperor Tiberius had the unenviable task of following the legendary first emperor, Augustus, who reigned over Rome for over 40 years. Indeed, Tiberius had not even been Augustus' first or second choice to succeed him, but due to a series of unfortunate deaths in the imperial family, the job ended up falling to him. Though … Continue reading Tiberius – The Military Man Who Set a Non-Military Model

Oldest Written Words in the West

It is common knowledge that the western world has adopted much of its language from the ancient Greek world. However, where the Greeks began to develop their written language is perhaps less well known. It came from the alphabet used by legendary maritime traders of the time, the Phoenicians. The Greeks completed a massive overhaul … Continue reading Oldest Written Words in the West

The Remarkable Speed and Endurance of Julius Caesar

There were many characteristics that made Julius Caesar one of the most dynamic, fascinating people in history. However, what may have set him apart from many other movers of history might be the speed at which he lived his life. His ability to complete the tasks at hand created an almost unstoppable force for those … Continue reading The Remarkable Speed and Endurance of Julius Caesar